Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Pigeons", part 3

I took a sketch pad and my Prismacolor markers on vacation with me. Drawing on the plane was a nice distraction from crying babies and bad coffee. Some might say "But Aaron, you're supposed to relax on vacation, not worry about what's going on your blog". 

Here's the thing; I draw and write TO relax. These are pasttime activities for me, things I choose to do for fun instead of playing video games or watching TV. Actually, if I had to define it, I'd say that your passion is whatever you choose to do when you could otherwise be playing video games. If playing video games happens to be your job, well... go ahead and tell your genie your last two wishes, you lucky jerk.

So Pigeons, Part 3 is draw and colored with Prismacolor markers. I liked it so much that I'll probably finish out the series with them. 

(Cartoonist note- if this cartoon doesn't make much sense, then you should probably check out
part one and part two ;each of them is only one page, so it won't take very long. Come on, throw me a bone here.)

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