Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Inktober!

October is my favorite month for both media and breakfast cereals. I've never really loved Christmas specials, and since the grocery store stopped carrying Christmas Crunch (Christitize me, Cap'n!), Halloween has stepped up to fill the void. 

Boo Berry aside, lots of artists (me included) participate in Inktober, where we put aside tablets and pencils and sing the praises of the ink through drawing. I'm also participating in Drawlloween, with a different Halloween-themed drawing prompt every day! Let's see how I'm doing! 

Oct 2nd: devil (handsome devil is more like it, reeowr.)
Oct 8th: zombie (ahh, the classic. Drawing the walking dead will never not be fun).
Oct 15th: amulet (yes, it's pretty. It's also evil. All pretty things are.)
Oct 17th: demon (what's as simultaneously cute and disturbing as a cat with goat eyes? Nothing, that's what.)