Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tis Better to Give Than Receive

So, the holidays are over and now we're all back into the swing of normal life again. Boo!
But, on the plus side, since all the gifts have been given, I can finally show off the drawings I did for Christmas presents! Yay! 

For my brother and sister-in-law, I drew portraits of their three babies. Three adorable, butt-sniffing, four-legged babies. Luckily, since they love their dogs so much, there were plentiful pictures of them on Facebook to use as inspiration. We all spent Christmas together, so I got to spend three and a half days hanging out with them and the dogs. It was so much fun!

This scamp is Oliver, and the oldest of the three. He was found as a stray but has a more adjusted personality than the vast majority of shelter rescues. They think he's half leonberger and half chow-chow, which makes him a Chowburger, or the most delicious-sounding dog breed ever .

The middle child is Lady. She's a weimaraner, and bless her heart she's had some issues. She's always been skittish and finicky, but recently they found out that she has a very serious stomach issue that can make her tummy break out in cysts if she doesn't eat the right food. Luckily, their love for their dog transcends Lady's dietary needs. I managed to find a photo of her looking anxious to use for my drawing. 

The newest addition to the doggie family is Dobby. He's an English springer spaniel. Over Christmas I started calling him 'Fidelius', because if you asked him to he'd follow you everywhere you went. He also loved to beg for table scraps. Maybe that had something to do with why he followed me around...

I presented them in a little three-picture frame. Virginia started crying as she tore the paper off- not my intended reaction, but anytime my artwork stirs emotion I suppose I've done something right. 

These aren't the only pieces of art I gave away as Christmas presents. They were, however, the only ones I thought to scan before giving away. D'oh! I'll track down some photos of the other pieces and get them up on the blog ASAP! Stay tuned!