Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Retro" Chapter 3- Game Over (part 2)

After a long Saturday spent in front of Photoshop, Retro Chapter 3 part 2 is complete! Sometimes our actions have long-reaching effects of which we never see the end result, ripples in an endlessly large pond, and we can only guess the impact of our own lives on the larger portrait of history. 

And other times, our actions can retroactively wipe the entire video gaming industry out of existence. But y'know, it's usually that or the ripples thing. 

Missed the previous chapters? Catch Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here, and Chapter 3, part 1 here!

What is the full impact of our young heroes' foray into the past? With the incapacitation of the original Mario, have they ruined the future of gaming forever? And it is too late to change the course of history? Tune in next time in the exciting conclusion of "Retro", Chapter 3- Game Over! 

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