Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nerdy Christmas Cards #1

Do you guys remember my nerdy valentines from last year? Something strange happened that I might or might not have posted about.

After I posted those to my Twitter account, a very popular geek culture website ripped off
of them. Even my personal favorite, which I thought was a stroke of comic brilliance:

 ...I know, brilliant right?
But will I let a little creative plagiarism ruin my day? NO SIR! This year I'm making nerdy Christmas cards for you to share with your friends, loved ones and guildmates. So feel free to share them, but don't claim them as your own (or, as happened to me last February, copy the words line-for-line and add a few new effects). 

Also, I'm going to post them one at a time for the next week. So if you see someone posting cards like these in the order I'm posting them... remember, you saw them here first!

Also, call them out on it. Because seriously, not cool. Anyway..... enjoy!

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