Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adventures from my home office (i.e. my kitchen table)

Today, I'm trying the whole "working from home" thing.
Today at work, at about 9:30, I smelled something. Well, first thing I did was check my shoes. Nothing. So I stuck my head out of my cubicle and noticed others seemed to be smelling the same thing, heads poking out of cubicles like the proverbial  office prairie dogs.
Soon, the source of the funk was found.
Evidently, someone on the 2nd floor (not GRW offices) clogged up a drain somewhere, and Lex Rooter was snaking it. Well, since I found this interesting enough to blog about, something went wrong. "Poo water", as my co-worker Brooke so eloquently put it, was leaking down through the ceiling and into the architecture suite.
So we did the only logical thing and gathered up everything that we didn't want to smell like dookie (for me, my coffee mug and my favorite ink pen) and evacuated the suite. I've been going over documents for a prison project from the comfort of my kitchen table this morning. It's less than convenient, but it works.
And the worst smelling thing at my house is my cat.

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