Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teaser: "Earthbound"

This is a teaser from the novel I'm working on right now (tentatively titled "Earthbound"). I've enlisted the help of some close friends (Thanks guys!) to help me proofread and edit it. I'll keep posting updates on its progress, and when it gets published I'll be sure to announce it. I did say when; I'm being optimistic here.

"Earthbound" (excerpt, first draft: November 2008)
Aaron M. Smith

“She’s over here.”
There were a few examination tables in the long, narrow room, but only one of them was occupied. Sam always does an impeccable job of cleaning up after an autopsy (with the exception of his apron), but this time was different.
The sheet over the body was spattered with spots of dark brown-red, not the fire-engine red that you see on the sheets in horror movies, but the dark burgundy of freshly dried blood, only just set. I’d never seen a set up as messy under Sam’s care.
I opened my mouth to speak, but then we were at the bed and Sam’s hand was on the sheet, at the head. Before I could say anything, he met my eyes in a “ready or not” sort of way, and folded down the sheet to her waist.
It was horrible. I’d seen my share of dead folks, and while you never really get used to looking at them (if I ever did, I’d begin to worry about myself), it was totally different from anything I’d seen before. I slapped my hand to my mouth and held my breath, instantly glad that I hadn’t stopped for that cheeseburger.
“Geez Sam,” I said, turning my back from the scene. “What is this, some kind of joke? Why didn’t you stitch her up?”
There was a silent pause, and I felt Sam walk up behind me. “That’s the thing, Toby.” He said, his voice as sober as his face had been an instant before. “I didn’t do this to her. She came in like this.”

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