Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome to Fantasy (Kitchen) Island!

Having just turned thirty, practically all of my Facebook friends are having babies. I want to show off something I made too, but with no children to brag about on my Facebook wall, I'm showing off the kitchen island that I built the other weekend instead. Which is sort of the same thing I guess.

This is the schematic I drew before I started. If you can make sense of my coloring-book blueprints, feel free to make one of your own (author assumes no liability of any sort for accuracy of plans, because if you're foolish enough to build something based on scanned notebook paper then you're taking your life into your own hands).

This is my set-up. Did it in the backyard because sun.

Six hours later, this is the completed frame. No shelf boards or top yet, and it turned out the casters I bought are too large for the posts. I'll have to add them later.

Here's the completed product! The marble top came from the discount room in a local antique store (actually built the island around the top, so that it would fit properly on top). It weighs about sixty pounds, so I didn't actually attach it with anything (there's also an inch overlap on each side)

Now that I have it in the kitchen, I kind of like it where it is. I might leave the casters off for now. It still needs prettied up (paint, some paneling maybe), but I'm leaving that up to the wife. ;)

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