Monday, December 31, 2012

"Press Start"

I've come to a decision. 

2012 is going to end in about 10 hours for those of us in the United States, and with it a new year will begin. A new year full of new possibilities, new experiences and unknown conflicts, joys and growth.

Screw that.

2012 was a difficult year, for a lot of people I know. So I decided that, instead of going on to 2013, I'm going to do 2012 all over again. Just like when you play through a video game a second time after finishing it once. It's the same experience, only this time you know all the right moves to make to get the best score. 

In Level 1, I'll know going into work that I'm going to get laid off in the first week of the year, and I'll go further out of my way to gather work for my portfolio. I won't have to waste several weeks struggling to get access to my work so I can start applying for jobs.

In Level 2, I'll be more aware of the state of my relationships. I'll reach out to those who need me but don't know how to say so, and I'll be more aware of my own shortfalls. 

In Level 3, I won't worry myself sick about not having a job or about having to move. I'll know that I'm going to find the job I need, and I'll have more than nine hours to find an apartment.

In Level 4, I'll already know which church to go to, where I'll meet some great people and get involved in a great community. Making friends will be easier and quicker and I'll get to know people a lot faster.

In Level 5 I'll be able to help out my friends more; I'll already know what's causing them pain and what might help them through the situation, and I can get right to helping them without wondering what they need. 

In Level 6, the boss level, I'll already know which house I want to buy, so we don't have to waste so much time looking at all the other places. I'll already know what it's worth and what needs to be done to it, so negotiating will be faster and much less of a headache.

That sounds like a great plan! I can't wait to get this year started over again. 

But then again... what if I'd played through 2011 again, instead of going through 2012 for the first time? I still probably would've been laid off at the beginning of 2012, which would've made everything I prepared for in my second-play of 2011 worthless. I'd end up in the exact same situation as if I'd just gone straight into the new year. 

So maybe, in the end, playing through the same year a second time wouldn't make a big difference in the long run. Ah, what the hell. I didn't play through Mass Effect a second time before starting Mass Effect 2. Might as well jump into 2013, too. 

So, go ahead. A new year, a fresh start, is right around the corner. 
Just press start. 

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