Saturday, March 17, 2012


This is another shorty that I dreamed up the other day. A musician friend of mine made a comment about the power that music has over people and how it was "no coincidence that 'music' and 'magic' are only two letters apart". This is what my brain turned that statement into. I guess you could call it poetry, but I wouldn't (since I'm not very good at poetry). Anyway, enjoy!

"Magic"- 100 word flashfiction
Aaron M. Smith - 17 March 2012

In his hands, it was a magic wand. 

The music climbed to a sudden crescendo, heat and power washing over the crowd from the trumpets. Someone gasped as the violins suddenly overtook the brass. Cold sound shrieked through him, standing his hair on end. The emotional reaction in the theater was immediate, vibrating energy making his fingertips tingle as he thrust the point of the baton skyward. 

His mind was a furious hurricane of joy and concentration as the final cadence roared, muscle memory taking control of his arm. 

The unadulterated joy of the audience was nothing less than supernatural.

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