Saturday, May 14, 2011


If you liked my short story Human (new window) then I think you'll like this story. Danny's back, and today we get to learn a little more about his friend Shaun (as mentioned in the previous story). I'm hoping to further develop these characters into a novel once my current projects are complete. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Aaron Matthew Smith- May 2011

“What kind do you want?” Shaun asked.
“Chocolate, duh,” I said. After football practice in the early September heat, nothing was better than chocolate frozen yogurt.
“One chocolate and one strawberry,” Shaun placed some crumpled bills on the ice cream store’s counter.
You want frozen yogurt?” the cashier asked. She wrinkled her nose. I saw Shaun blink, and he looked like he wanted to say something. If he had any blood, he probably would’ve blushed.
“Yeah, sorry,” I stepped in. “I probably stink, football practice. But Shaun here smells fine since, y’know, zombies don’t sweat.”
The cashier’s face got red.
“I’m assuming that face you made was at me, not at my friend.” I said, loud enough for the people in line behind us to hear.
I knew it would embarrass Shaun, but no more than he already was. The woman scooped up the money and handed over our snacks without another word. I stared at the cashier as we walked out of the store. Shaun and I took a bench in the shade outside.
“You didn’t have to do that,” Shaun said.
“Yeah I did,” I argued. “You’re my friend.”
We ate in silence for a few minutes. It was so weird; a month ago I wouldn’t have cared what the cashier said. I might not have said it myself, but I would’ve kept quiet.
I’d never been friends with a zombie before. I’d only been at my new school three weeks, but I’d already learned a lot about them. Playing football and becoming friends with Shaun had taught me something, besides the fact that they don’t sweat; zombies are people, too.

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