Monday, March 15, 2010

Germany, day 1: Munich

Well, I've never flown trans-Atlantic before, and now I know why. After the jetlag, the three different flights, the airline food and nearly 24 hours awake unshowered, I'm ready to call it a night already, and it's only 3pm on Monday here. I did take some photos, though.

This is the hostel where we're staying in Munich. It's cute and cozy.

I took this at sunset on the flight out of Detroit.

Same flight, 8 hours later. I feel twice as tired as I look.
That's all to talk about for now. I pray to God that I'm posting this using the free hostel wifi and not roaming AT&T. $20 a Meg would be no fun.
Also, search FedoraFugitive on Youtube to see a video of me and Rebecca at the Detroit airport.

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