Monday, March 1, 2010

"Eragon"- quick summary

Okay folks, I've only read Eragon and Eldest (haven't picked up the lastest book in the series yet, so I don't know what happens in it), but I can give a pretty accurate plot summary based on what I've read.

Eragon is a young man living in a rural part of the world in the care of his uncle- no information about his parents is immediately given. There's an old man in his town who is known as a crackpot who tells strange tales. Meanwhile, far away, a princess is in possession of an object that is capable of overthrowing the evil leader of the empire. She hastily attempts to get this object to an ally- in her haste, it ends up in Eragon's hands instead.

It turns out that the old man in Eragon's rural town is the last surviving member (aside from the evil leader of the empire) of an ancient secret society of warriors with incredible power. The princess was trying to get the object into his hands, but Eragon came across it by mistake.

The minions of the evil leader of the empire come looking for the object, and kill Eragon's family when they don't find it. Eragon then sets out on a journey with the old man, learning the ways of the ancient society so that he can rise to the challenge and defeat the evil leader.

After much training, the death of his mentor and a harrowing rescue of the princess, Eragon is forced to do battle against all odds with the evil leader's greatest weapon, which he defeats by the skin of his teeth (after the sudden intervention of an ally).

Eragon receives information that he can complete his training in the ways of the secret society from an old master with whom nobody has had contact for many years. Eragon seeks out the master in his jungle home and persuades him to continue his training. Unfortunately, Eragon is forced to leave before completing all of his lessons to rush to the aid of his friends, who are in great danger.
When Eragon arrives, however, he finds that he's grossly outmatched by the evil empire's champion. After a stunning revelation about Eragon's parenthood, he manages to escape with his life- barely- and make it back to the safety of his friends.

Like I said, I haven't read the whole series yet, but I can't wait to pick up Brisingr and start reading. I anticipate more thrilling storytelling and shocking twists and turns from the brilliant and innovative mind of Chris Paolini.


  1. OK, I read all three books without drawing these parallels. Way to pick up on that; No wonder I've liked the series so much.

  2. I should have incorporated these pictures into my review. My version was "this book is what would have happened if LOTR and Star Wars had a love-child, but only after being severely drunk and wasted, and drinking/smoking/doing crack throughout the pregnancy." It's very badly written, at that, and the author seems to think he'll produce something like Beowulf. Forgets his parents published him.